Morgan Meadows Farm
Black Angus Cattle
Black Angus Cattle
Black Angus Cattle
Black Angus Cattle
Black Angus Cattle
Black Angus Cattle
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Black Angus Cattle

Ebenezers MoneyMorgan Meadows Farm is located in Deer Lodge, TN, owned by Harold, Glenda & Richie Flynn.

The Flynn family raises quality Plantation Tennessee Walking Horses for pleasure and show featuring bloodlines of Ebony Masterpiece and Generator. Morgan Meadows offers beautiful, smooth traveling horses with pleasant dispositions. See our exclusive horses for sale page. Check back frequently for new additions!

Feeder Cattle

Over 600 head of Black Angus feeder cattle graze the pastures of Morgan Meadows Farm. Our herd is choice quality and sent to feed yards nationwide.

Morgan Meadows produces top quality hay for horses and cattle including orchard grass and timothy. Available in square or round bales. Contact us for availability and pricing.

FOR SALE — 33 HEAD Tennessee Walking Horses

35+ Years Experience Raising Horses • Majority Are Registered

Weanlings • Yearlings • Mares & Colts • Stallions
Gaited Mule • Flat Shod Show • Trail Riding • Pleasure Riding Horses

Walking Horse Bloodlines:
  • Midnight Sun
  • Generator
  • Pusher
  • Jose’
  • Lined With Cash
  • Silver Dollar
  • Gen’s Black Gen
  • Ted Williams
  • Stonecutter
  • Main Power
Racking Horse Bloodlines:
  • On A Way To Hell (Hwy. To Hell)

Complete Package $33,000